Journal of Human Rights and the Environment

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The relationship between human rights and the environment is fascinating, uneasy and increasingly urgent. This international journal provides a strategic academic forum for  an extended interdisciplinary and multi-layered conversation that explores emergent possibilities, existing tensions, and multiple implications of entanglements between human and non-human forms of liveliness. We invite critical engagements on these themes,  especially as refracted through human rights and environmental law, politics, policy-making and community level activisms.

The Journal of Human Rights and the Environment (JHRE) focuses on original research, articles, commentaries and book reviews. All submissions are double-blind peer reviewed. The JHRE welcomes a wide range of approaches, critical, doctrinal and practice-facing—and welcomes contributions from any academic discipline.

The journal has published leading scholars such as Dinah Shelton, Christopher Stone, Mary Warnock, Ngaire Naffine, Peadar Kirby, Upendra Baxi, Laura Westra, David Kinley, Lorraine Code, Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos.

The Journal of Human Rights and the Environment warmly welcomes submissions for the next two editions:

  • Issue 11.1 on "Human and Non-human migration". Submissions by 1st June 2019.
  • Issue 11.2 on "Animal Rights". Submissions by 1st Jan 2020.

These three editions combine a range of themes concerning environmental justice in its entanglements with neoliberalism read through past and present trajectories and developments. Papers outside of these themes but which fall within the scope of the journal are also invited. 

We welcome thoughtful, provocative and innovative submissions from all disciplines and from any theoretical perspective. Submissions should be between 8000 and 12000 words long, using our house style guidelines. Please ensure that the author is not identified in the submission and cannot be identified from the text. 

As we are currently moving to a new submission platform please temporarily email all submissions to the Managing Editor, Julia Dehm (j.dehm[at] 

To propose a book review or for questions in relation to book reviews, please email:

Journal of Human Rights and the Environment